Ben Chatham in the Time of the Apocalypse


Ben Chatham, Kyle Scott, Katie Ryan, Captain Jack

Main enemy:

Jim Burnstein aka "Captain Colin West"

Main setting:

Earth, England, London, 2010



Story number:




Release date:

June 2010


Script, Forum Post

Preceded by:

Ben Chatham Goes to the Supermarket

Followed by:

Detox of Death

Ben Chatham in the Time of the Apocalypse was the fifth story of Season 1 of The Ben Chatham Adventures fanfiction series.

Person112 would write this story entirely on a WordDoc without double checking, not that it would have mattered as he hadn't learned basic grammar at that point. All these points reflect in the poor formatting and intelligibleness of the text.

As always, the title would be thought of 2 minutes before sending the finished version off to the Producer.


External linksEdit

Ben Chatham in the Time of the Apocalypse on the Gallifrey Base forum.

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