What Immortal Hand


Ben Chatham, Kyle Scott, Craig Chatham, Katie Ryan, Isobel

Main enemy:

Professor Toxteth O’Grady

Main setting:

Earth, England, Cambridge, 2010


Henry James

Story number:




Release date:

June 2010


Script, 22 Pages

Preceded by:

True Romance

Followed by:

Ben Chatham Goes to the Supermarket

What Immortal Hand was the third story of Season 1 of The Ben Chatham Adventures fanfiction series.


Tahlia leads Ben, Kyle, DI Marakova and Sir Adrian to Toxteth O'Grady's old office. Toxteth reveals himself as the figure on the roof and explains he is behind the death and strange occurrences, and that he is trying to gain the power of legendary pagan god Omah’Kshan. Toxteth becomes one with Omah’Kshan and takes the form of a white star.

External linksEdit

What Immortal Hand on the Gallifrey Base forum.

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